Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Motorcycles IZH JUPITER 5 and IZH PLANET 5

The Glorious family Izhey...

There is it is enough amateurs покритиковать motorcycles IZH-YU-5 and IZH-P-5 but however possible say that these motorcycles already it is impossible name the toy, this persisting motorcycles with their own value and certainly defect.
These motorcycles or for people with small достатком, which can not or do not want to buy expensive japanese or european is paved toys or for people влюбленных in motorcycles. The Buyer such motorcycle there is no need to demonstrate its baizes beside pub.

However these models domestic мотоциклетостроения capable to deliver the owner it is enough pleasures and sharp sensations.
But if master is not that these motorcycles offended by clever hands change in it is enough attractive material for birth is paved creations.

The Strong frame, particularly beside that models which with plant was expected carry on itself not light on weight lateral trailor - a sidercar.

The plastic completely is absent In factory design in our road condition this possible refer to plus.
Suitable, road boarding, on tank to lie not to come.
On that feature are declared velocities: with maximum loading on route 90
Certainly, no nothing not possible and single motorcycle wholly possible to disperse and little more, but will get driver pleasure from such velocities? All таки of the lavaliere, brake and engine were designed it is enough long ago, and compete with modern motorcycle in this case possibility doubtful.

Buying motorcycle IZH-YU-5 or motorcycle IZH-P-5 you exactly know that are able to find practically any spare part anyplace. With запчастями of the problems no. Does Not cost(stand) to forget and about possibility of the repair in field condition - nearly any breakage possible to avoid at presence little мальского of the experience whilst in transit.
These motorcycles not too demanding to quality of benzine though naturally on 92 motorcycles goes several резвее.

The Motorcycles IZH-YU-5 and IZH-P-5 not review on weight all possible rank to class heavy motorcycle, after all equiped mass with driver and passenger more трехсот kg. On speaker certainly under such loading to calculate does not happen to, either as on quick possibility to stop, brake moment will obviously come short for such masses.

We shall Not try to separate IZH-YU-5 or IZH-P-5 this deal of the taste and each owner Izha will find the mass of the positive sides at choice amount cylinder beside engine.

Here cost(stand)s to note only среднестатистические given on which is got that owner IZH-YU-5 spends on repair and service on order more both facilities and time than owner of the motorcycle IZH-P-5.
Naturally, reason this is cut in engine.

We shall Try to confirm or refuse this:

In theories all well, - two cylinders are considered several better one, here and vibration on order less, and track record together with power better.
But majority keeps the opinions that than better that more simply, this pertains not only to motorcycle.
It Is Considered that simplicity this guarantee to reliability, in two цилиндровом engine after all and details twice as large.
Oddly to say but, is got that Planets serves twice as large, they nor so sensitive to varied clearance, and to изнашиванию cylinder-piston group.

Practically all repair work are conducted on Planet quicker and more simply. Here cost(stand)s to remind at least about KPP, get before which possible without full stripping the engine.
On powers of the engines practically alike.
Anyway but each driver itself for itself solve that him to choose IZH-YU-5 or IZH-P-5. Both motorcycles worthy, as at the time of their appearances yes and presently, still plenty of amateurs these motorcycle

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